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Water is a necessity for sustenance of life. The human body contains nearly 60-70% water.

Drinking water contains many impurities- ranging from chemical ions like calcium, fluorine to physical impurities like sand. Water also acts as a reservoir for infections. From Cholera to Enteric fever, there is a wide spectrum of diseases caused by contaminated water.

If water is so essential, why don’t we put in a small investment into our potable water? Water treatment is the need of the hour and volumes can be written about the benefits it has on our health. But how sure can one be about the purity of drinking water?

In a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organisation, diseases due to contaminated water have reached a shocking 3.4 million deaths per year.

Not only does it cause mortalities but it can lead to multiple morbidities like dental discolourations, skeletal fluorosis, hypertension, increased risk of cardiovascular events, Enteric fever and its complications, just to name a few.

Water treatment is a procedure by which water impurities are removed and water is made fit for human consumption.

We at ECOPURE ensure client satisfaction and guarantee the effectiveness of all our water treatment services, to provide you with maximal health care benefits and longevity of our equipments and services. We have inculcated all the modern and efficient modalities of water treatment so you can be rest assured, the drinking water will be of utmost purity and free of chemical or physical residues.

We offer the following services at ECOPURE:

  • ● Services and Maintenance
  • ● Reverse Osmosis
  • ● Reverse Osmosis for Boiler Feed Water Pretreatment
  • ● Industrial Sand and Activated Carbon Water Filters