Industrial Sand and Activated Carbon Water Filters
Sand Filters & Multi Media Filters

Sand filters are used to remove suspended solids from water and wastewater. Because they have one layer of filter media, sand filters remove only relatively large solids (normally in the range of 40 micron and larger). The effective size of each granule of sand typically varies from 0.35mm – 1.2mm. Larger granules yield coarser filtration. Finer granules yield finer filtration.

Removing suspended solids smaller than 40 microns requires filters with either two or three layers of filter media. These are referred to as dual-media filters or multi-media filters. When sized properly and with the correct configuration of filter media, these filters can remove suspended solids as small as 5 micron.

Skid mounted sand media filter system. Multiple configurations available depending on flow rate and imprint area.

Units are skid-mounted, factory assembled, wired, and tested, and delivered ready for installation. Piping, valves, filter media, pressure gauges and accessories are included with filter systems. Solar power, media air scour, and rinse cycle are available as options. Filter systems are engineered to require little maintenance. A separate source of water supply or a pump for backwash are seldom needed.

Activated Carbon Water Filters

Industrial Activated Carbon Water Filters or filtration of water is a process used to remove chlorine, foul taste; odor and color by using an activated carbon media bed either from select grades of bituminous coal or coconut-shell coal and produced into high density granular form. Activated Carbon Media is available in different sizes (mesh), examples: 12 x 40 or 8 x 30. When we decide that there is a need for an Industrial Activated Carbon Water Filters, it's essential to know the water source. In the event that it's city or well water from a trusted source, we can expect that there is a minimal amount of turbidity and we can use a 12 x 40 mesh AC media. In the event that the water source has high turbidity, or from a river or lake, in these cases we see the use of 8 x 30 mesh is a better choice.

ACF system can be a used as direct water filtration to deal with offensive odor, taste and excessive chlorine from the supply for potable water applications or it can be used as a pre-treatment for equipment or process that needs lower levels of the mentioned water contaminants such as Reverse Osmosis systems. This system are normally used in Industrial plants, Municipal treatment facilities or Commercial establishments who needs better quality of water coming from the city supply. They can also be used into the waste water treatment and handle high Total Organic Compounds (TOC) from the water being treated.