Ultraviolet (UV) Water Sterilizer

UV Water Sterilization technology seeks to use the same process as nature to provide water that is completely safe. In nature, the Sun produces UV rays which have a germicidal effect on disease causing pathogens in water. When these contaminants are exposed to UV light, they are rendered harmless and the output water is considered disinfected.

Our ultra violet water purification systems kills 99.9% of all bacterial contaminants, and provides clean, safe drinking water, far exceeding Health Department standards for potable water.

UV water sterilizers use several stages of filter to remove sediments down to 5 microns removing particulates. A second stage Carbon filter removes odors and particles down to 0.5 microns. The UV light stage saturates the water with high dose UV light at wavelengths that kill pathogens. Together the UV water sterilizer system is excellent for quality of construction, and effectiveness in treating your water to remove unwanted and unsafe elements. The UV water treatment system is ideal for homes, businesses, and remote sites.

UV water sterilizers can be purchased as components and as complete systems mounted, integrated and ready to go. Solar Power for water treatment units are below. Use solar and wind energy at remote sites to power UV water sterilizers to clean water on site from liters to thousands of liters per hour.

Low flow units are available in one and two gallon per minute, which are used in normal residential installations. High flow units are also offered for larger residential and commercial applications. See chart for sizing .

  • Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer ( 1-2- GPM )
  • Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer ( 6 GPM )
  • Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 12 GPM )
  • Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 24 GPM )
  • Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 36 GPM )
  • Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 48 GPM )
  • Ultraviolet water Sterilizer ( 72 GPM )
Benefits of UV Sterilizer
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Completely automatic
  • No Chemicals required
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating cost
  • High performance
  • No added taste or odor
Recommended Uses
  • House hold water supplies
  • Aquarium / Aqua culture
  • Hospitals & Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food processing
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Pollution abatement
  • Water supply systems
  • Well water treatment
  • Water supply stations
  • Water bottling units
  • Industrial treatment